Velo Sports Center – Carson, CA


If you’re planning to compete at the upcoming 2017/2018 Master’s Track Cycling World Championships in Carson, CA, then you deserve to have World Championship level instruction and preparation on the event’s velodrome. Our High Performance Master’s Track Camp not only gives the experience, but also the knowledge of the top national team programs in the world. So much more than just a venue preview, this camp will not only advance your performance and your on track skill set. This camp will become the most valuable week of your competitive life as you learn from industry leaders how to best prepare your mind, body and equipment both inside and out of the track. 

We welcome and encourage both endurance and sprint athletes to partake in the single greatest week of instruction available to the track cycling public. In 4 days we will cover and help perfect the most crucial elements of every event on schedule at the Master’s World Championships. Each track session will be fully staffed with enough coaches to cover every single detail of your session’s execution. All training efforts will be video recorded and reviewed trackside. As well as individually compiled and sent to you post camp for your continued review and improvement throughout your entire season.

Dinner each evening will have a different industry leader present information from their field that will directly help you increase and improve your performance on and off track. These presentations will include nutrition for age group athletes, sports psychology for the working athlete and cutting edge aerodynamics. All BIG Picture Cycling coaches will also be constantly available for any and all questions you might have about your camp training, race tactics and season as a whole. Long story short this camp will leave you feeling more prepared and confident to literally take on the world than you ever dreamt possible.


Today is arrival day. Out of town athletes should plan to arrive by 3pm if possible. We will have our first pre-camp meeting around 5pm in our reserved conference room for the week while we enjoy dinner. We will complete the sign in/registration process along with our individual introductions, general camp overview and plan for the week. **If you want to schedule a bike fit with ERO, you must arrive early on this day or the day before and schedule your fit ahead of time with ERO directly at**



After breakfast at the hotel we will depart to the velodrome for the most thorough venue breakdown you’ve ever experienced. We will cover and explain all the nuances and intricate details that make the Velo Sports Center unique. This will not be a beginners explanation of what a velodrome is. This will be a high performance view and insight in to gaining an advantage on your competition be using your new venue knowledge to your advantage. Covering everything from optimal tire selection and pressure by event, up to the unique shape of the track and how it applies to every event in competition. At the completion of our instructional session we will allow ample time for equipment building while we enjoy lunch before we begin our afternoon track session.

Today’s track session will cover one of the most technical components of track cycling: the standing start. No matter if you’re an endurance athlete or sprinter, if you’re doing a championship TT or team event, you need to have a great standing start. In the sprint disciplines, efficient timing out of the gate and perfect start technique are essential to getting on the podium. For endurance events from a standing start, even as a relatively small percentage of the entire event, perfecting your maximal technique and execution will leave you with more “bullets” to spend at the finish of your event you didn’t know you had! Every single standing start we do will be thoroughly videoed and reviewed track side with improvements track effort by effort. Wether it’s your first standing start from a starting gate, or if you’re a TT World Record holder, we guarantee to help you find ways to improve your standing start today.

At night we will enjoy dinner at the hotel with a presentation from one of our industry leaders (schedule to follow).



Following breakfast today we will begin splitting in to groups for our sprint and endurance athletes. This morning our endurance athletes will be taken on an approximately 2-hour easy spin around the gorgeously scenic Palos Verdes peninsula. Our sprint athletes will meet in the conference room for  sprint tactics review and evaluation instructional session using intensive video review and explanation of some of the top international sprint athlete. We will cover both male and female sprint athletes and how their sprinting styles and tactics can be applied to age group riders and competitors. Today we will enjoy lunch at the hotel before departing for our afternoon track session.

Continuing with our individual sprint and endurance focus groups, today’s track session objectives will be split. Sprint athlete will have a session of flying 200m entries focusing on the build up of their execution. Endurance athlete will have a chance to throw on their pursuit bars and turn laps at “race pace” to experience and get acclimated to the unique shape of the Velo Sports Center. Every effort will be video recorded and reviewed along with collecting electronic timing data for each effort to compare and track progress. After today’s session each rider will go forward with a new understanding of not only how to execute their events on the VSC, but also how to adjust their preparation to suit this exclusive track.

At night we will enjoy dinner at the hotel with a presentation from one of our industry leaders (schedule to follow).



With the TT prep day behind us, today marks the start of the real “fun”! Endurance athletes this morning will get to really stretch their legs on a 2.5 hour road ride around the Palos Verdes peninsula that will take them up the European style switchbacks overlooking the South Bay area, Los Angeles and the LA Harbor area. The ride will see around ~2500ft of elevation gain, with the option of a bonus climb near the end to send the total close to 3000ft for the day! Wether you want to push it on this ride and go for the local Strava records, or just ride easy and enjoy the views, this is most certainly a ride you won’t want to miss! Sprint athletes this morning will have the option of resting for the afternoon track session or heading to the gym to get a lift in. We are still working on organizing a special opportunity with a local high performance gym and will post details as soon as we have them.

Track this afternoon will get in to the mass start racing event. Sprint sparing will be on the schedule for the sprinters with mock mass start racing/sustained motor pacing efforts for the endurance athletes. As always, video recording and review of all efforts will be conducted trackside to enhance and accelerate the learning process for all athletes. Today will most certainly prove the most useful for building comfort and familiarity in real racing situations to help ensure the on race day no one is more comfortable on the track than you!

At night we will enjoy dinner at the hotel with a presentation from one of our industry leaders (schedule to follow).



Today is the final day of our camp and also the day that we call the “custom” day. While every single step of our camp and the instruction is unique and individualized, we know that sometimes you want just a little more instruction on a particular topic or two. Well today is your day! We leave this day open and take input from every athlete on what they would like to cover during today’s track session. Wether it’s taking a look at the execution of your team sprint/pursuit, or taking a few more cracks at your flying 200m approach to try different gears, we’ve got you covered.

For dinner tonight we will have a special dinner at one of the local restaurants to celebrate and commemorate the week together. 



Today is departure day for all camp athletes. Any athletes who are planning to stay for additional days post camp for aero testing or to explore the SoCal area are welcome to do so. Hotel nights will still be booked through BPC for discounted rates.

VELO Sports Center

18400 South Avalon Boulevard

Carson, CA 90746


The VELO Sports Center is a 100,000 square foot, $15 million specially designed 250 -meter indoor wood bicycle racing track. The VELO Sports Center is also a part of StubHub Center’s partnership with the USOC as an Official U.S. Olympic Training Site. The venue has hosted the 2004 Jr. World Track Championships, 2005 Elite World Track Championships, and dozens national championships along with the first ever World Cycling League event. 2017 will see the VSC host not only the Master’s Track Cycling World Championships, but also the final leg of the UCI Track Cycling World Cup!



2800 Via Cabrillo Marina

San Pedro, CA 90731

This San Pedro hotel is located just minutes from the Port of Los Angeles, a leader in International trade and home of the World Cruise Center. Our DoubleTree hotel near Long Beach, CA, is only a 10-minute drive away. Experience Los Angeles with a visit to the LA Waterfront. Exquisite dining, museums and historical attractions, the craft marketplace, and beautiful marinas and beaches are just a few miles from our San Pedro hotel. Explore the waterfront by riding one of the San Pedro’s downtown trolleys and enjoy the unique scenery.



  • 4x 3-hour high performance track sessions with the BIG Picture Cycling team of coaches on the Velo Sports Center (home to the 2017/2018 Master’s Track Cycling World Championships)
  • 6 days and 5 nights accommodation at the DoubleTree by Hilton San Pedro overlooking the scenic Cabrillo Marina
  • All meals and on track nutrition from dinner on Monday through breakfast on Saturday
  • All airport and training transportation
  • Coach guided AM road rides around the beautiful Palos Verdes coast
  • High performance nutrition presentation and Q&A with world renowned nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia
  • Sports psychology for the working athlete presentation and Q&A with international wisdom teacher Albert Marrewa
  • Cutting edge aerodynamics presentation and Q&A with industry leader Jim Manton
  • Personalized compilation video of all your training footage with voice over pointers and instructions from BPC coaches ($500+ value!)



All ERO bike fit appointments must be scheduled ahead of time with Missy at ERO directly. You can do this via their website at or by emailing Missy at: We recommend scheduling your bike fit for pre-camp and arriving a day early to do so. Athletes arriving before the scheduled start of camp will be responsible for their additional food/lodging. Hotel nights will still be booked through BPC for discounted rates.



ERO conducts aerodynamic testing right on the Velo Sports Center using the Alphamantis (official aero testing partner to Team Sky) testing system. All aero testing sessions must be scheduled ahead of time with Missy at ERO directly. You can do this via their website at or by emailing Missy at: We recommend scheduling aero testing session for post-camp and staying an extra day to do so. Athletes after the scheduled close of camp will be responsible for their additional food/lodging. Hotel nights will still be booked through BPC for discounted rates.

  Velo Sports Center
January 17-20, 2017
$2850/person -OR- $2450/Full-Time BPC Athlete

    Camp Details and Policies

    • In order to register for the camp, input your name and email in the box above and click “SIGNUP NOW”. Once we receive your sign up request, a member of the BPC staff will contact with the details to complete your registration and confirm your spot.
    • Upon registering for a camp, the athlete will be charged a 50% deposit of the balance due for the camp. The remaining 50% of the balance will be due 10 days prior to the start of the camp.
    • If an athlete signs up for a camp 10 days or less prior to the camp, 100% of the balance will be due upon sign up.

    • If a registered athlete is unable to attend the camp after the initial deposit has been made, the percentage of fee returned will be granted upon the following time line:
      • 30 days or more prior to start – 100% refund
      • 21-29 days prior to start – 75% refund
      • 14-20 days prior to start – 50% refund
      • 8-13 days prior to start – 25% refund
      • 7 days of less prior to start – no refund
    • Athletes should plan to arrive by 3pm on Monday January 16th
    • If you are scheduling a bike fit by ERO you should plan to arrive a day or so before this
    • Athletes should plan to depart by 3pm on Saturday January 21st
    • If you are scheduling an aero test with ERO you should plan to depart a day or so after this
    • Athletes should book their flights in to and out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to receive transportation to and from the hotel
    Housing is included for this camp. We will be staying at the luxurious DoubleTree by Hilton San Pedro. Camp pricing is based on double room occupancy. Athletes may request single occupancy for an additional fee of $550 for camp. If you wish to have a single occupancy room, please communicate this immediately when contacted by BPC staff about your booking.


    2800 Via Cabrillo Marina

    San Pedro, CA 90731

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