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Our slogan, “training for what REALLY matters,” was born from an epidemic within the coaching community for all cycling and specifically track cycling. When an athlete starts out a season planning for one major competition that year a training plan is developed and put into place with the end goal being a peak performance at the primary competition (typically 10+ months away). Then as the rider starts digging into a given training block and elements (strength, speed, power, etc) of their performance shift, the athlete and the coach begin to enter a state of panic. Then the training program is modified in an effort to “chase” those elements that have shifted. For example: ending a strength block early because leg speed was sacrificed. This common scenario creates a problem for the athlete and the coach. The mid-season “chase” completely changes the season plan of preparation for the primary event and undermines the athlete’s confidence, and more importantly, the athlete’s performance at the big event. The “chase” is a constant game of attempting personal bests every time the athlete touches the bike or the gym. This is impossible and a critical error on part of both the coach and athlete. An error that is magnified when an athlete has an even bigger, multi-year goal like the World Championships or the Olympic Games.

We at BIG Picture Cycling have a different approach. Our objective as coaches is to stay the course to the end goal. Sure, adjustments will need to be made as the athlete changes, as they adapt to the program, or as additional events become necessary. But switching phases and trying to slide in “mini peaks” for minor events is not something we do. Pursuing a long term, high caliber goal is a major commitment on part of the athlete and needs to be the same level of commitment for the coach. Your biggest goal is our biggest goal. Whether the goal is a local criterium, state or national championships, or even the Olympic Games; they all deserve the same approach to planning and commitment. We believe in the coach being there to guide the athlete through the toughest times and act as a constant reminder of where the athlete is heading. An important ingredient in attaining that goal is a realistic training regimen. Our philosophy helps athletes train in a manner that is calibrated to their schedule, not some idealistic perfect world. The goal of training is not to be consistently perfect—that is impossible. Rather, the proper aim is to become perfectly consistent. Over time this allows our athletes to raise their level of consistency thereby reaching their own highest goals. Regardless of goals, lifestyle or current physical aptitude, everyone has the ability to reach their maximal potential. But this is only possible if the pieces of your puzzle are put together in the correct order.

This is only possible if you can truly see the BIG Picture—this is where we come in. Through the thorough collection of information from you, along with SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time sensitive) goal setting, our coaches construct a detailed plan that best fits your life. We then monitor your progress every step of the way and over time help you to bring your reality as close to ideal without compromising anything. This approach to coaching is structured around the new age quantifiable athlete while keeping the old school blue collar “Rocky Up” mentality. No matter what your current ability is or where you want to go, BIG Picture Cycling is here to help you find and stay on your path. If this sounds like the approach and style of coaching that you have been missing to take your cycling game to the next level, then please contact us at info@bigpicturecycling.com to start the interview process and get going on your best season(s) yet!


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