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Dopers Suck. Actually they’re much worse than the word “suck” may imply, but kids might read this so we have to keep it clean. Unlike dopers who are dirty!!! Ugh, anyway, it is our FIRM belief that anyone who has ever tested positive for a performance enhancing substance should be banned from all aspects of all sport for life. Yeah sure people change, but we don’t care. To us, once an athlete has chosen to go down that path of cheating, taking opportunities and results from other riders who are competing clean, you have no right to ever compete with clean athletes ever again.


It is that philosophy that is the reason why all of our athletes sign and commit to our No-Doping Policy found on our Coaching Policies and Procedures Page. We believe all coaches and athletes should be held to the same strict standard of zero tolerance. But while we can’t change the world all at once, we can at least make sure our athletes complete 100% clean!


USADA Website

Safety, respect, equality


Equal Opportunity. It’s a common theme in the corporate employment world, but is all too often forgotten in the world of sport. We at BIG Picture Cycling are firm believers in an “Old School” “Rocky-Up” approach that sees us push our athletes to limits they didn’t know they had, but only while keeping the same respectful, safe, and equal atmosphere for everyone.

That is why we require every one of our coaches and junior riders and their parents to complete the U.S. Olympic Committee’s SafeSport training program. SafeSport is a free on-line course that covers all the warning signs, what to do if’s. and best practices to keep the playing and training field safe and equal for everyone. But to go beyond just the junior athletes and their families, we also offer a one-time $50 rebate to every one of our athletes that completes the course and present us with the certificate.

Far too often stones go unturned and voices go unheard. We at BIG Picture Cycling are proud to help put a stop to that one athlete at a time.

USOC SafeSport Website

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