Coaching cyclists ain’t easy

Coaching cyclists is far from easy – in fact, it’s an ever-evolving challenge. Over the past decade, it’s become increasingly apparent that the complexities involved aren’t going away any time soon. When we break down coaching athletes, we see three primary components:

First, there’s the physical training plan and methodologies designed to enhance individual performance, making athletes faster and better prepared for their events while helping them achieve their goals.

Second, there’s the constant need to stay ahead of rule changes and navigate the intricate selection procedures and politics, especially when athletes aim for national team positions or Olympic glory. Moreover, there’s the challenge of discerning which new technologies genuinely benefit performance and where traditional methods still prevail.

Finally, there’s the essential aspect of managing the individual athlete and their unique personality. Without a comprehensive skill set in all three areas, even the most dedicated coach risks disappointment and frustration, both for themselves and their athletes. It’s a recipe for potential burnout or, at worst, disaster.

But even mastering these three components isn’t enough; running a successful coaching business presents its own set of challenges. From managing income streams to developing branding strategies and expanding client bases, coaches must navigate a host of business-related decisions. Questions arise: When is it time to adjust fees? How do you scale up and bring in new coaches while maintaining brand integrity? What protocols govern client relations and when is it appropriate to part ways with a problematic client? Additionally, there’s the administrative burden and the complexities of liaising with third-party organizations such as USA Cycling, USADA, and SafeSport.

If any of these challenges resonate with you, rest assured, you’re not alone. This is precisely where we come in. We’ve weathered the ups and downs, learned valuable lessons, and honed our expertise in building and safeguarding successful coaching businesses. We’ve navigated the intricacies of website creation, explored various avenues for client acquisition, and have firsthand experience in establishing internationally recognized brands.

Now, we’re ready to do something revolutionary in the world of cycling – share our knowledge through our “Coaching Coaches” mentorship program. Far too often, information is closely guarded within the cycling community. We’re here to break that cycle, particularly within the realm of track cycling. Through our mentorship program, we offer unparalleled access to our wealth of knowledge and experience.

For our Coaching Coaches clients, this means unrestricted access to insights not only on physical training but also on business development strategies and goal-setting tactics aimed at minimizing headaches and maximizing success. We’re committed to being your mentors and partners in growth because no one should have to navigate this journey alone.

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