Born out of necessity 


BIG Picture Cycling’s unique approach to creating the best cyclists was the creation of our founder and head coach, Andy Lakatosh. While Andy was still competing on an international level, he realized there was a fundamental gap in his own direction and preparation for events. Key elements of his training on and off the bike were not getting the attention and technological resources required to compete with the best in the world. To solve these problems, he relocated to southern California in 2012 where he found the resources necessary to be a top international competitor. A process from which he studied and learned.


Over time Andy found it to be nearly impossible to train full time by himself and try to manage all the aspects of his own coaching process without the support of a national team program. A choice had to be made. After three attempts at the U.S. Olympic Team and three near misses, he decided instead to lend his expertise to helping others achieve their goals and BIG Picture Cycling was born!


From the very first client, Andy had a vision: train smarter, be cutting edge and take the road less traveled. For Andy the athlete’s success comes first. Big Picture Cycling’s approach values intelligence and quality in every aspect of training instead of sheer quantity. More is not always better but training smart is. It is that vision and approach that still drives everything BIG Picture Cycling does every day with all of its athletes. Andy’s approach has delivered Big Picture Cycling’s athletes over a dozen World Championship Titles and World Records, over 20 National Championship Titles, and countless State Titles and other victories in only 3 years – we must be doing something right!

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