Gold Level Partners

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Kustom Cycling Apparel

    Our kits are designed to be ridden hard and fast, abused day in and day out. These are the clothes that we race in and every inch has purpose: performance, comfort, and durability. We’re always improving our clothing. We stay ahead of the curve by understanding the delicate balance between the cutting edge and the familiar. Each season we spec the latest innovations in materials and fabrication. Each season our kit rides better and wears longer than before, yet the fit and comfort you’ll come to expect will remain the same. We don’t change what works, we just make it better.

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    ERO Sports

    Bike Fitting and Aero Testing

      ERO Sports is the industry leader in Bike Fit and Aerodynamic testing. Our goal is to help each athlete reach their potential whether they’re vying for an Olympic medal or a finisher’s medal. To help you achieve your goals, we use a combination of science, technology, and a bit of art to insure you get the most out of your body. Proper biomechanics provide both power and comfort, but beyond the most comprehensive bike fit you can imagine, you’ll also be instructed as to why you fit to a bike the way you do, and you’ll leave with an understanding of how your body works, and how small changes can bring about significant improvement.

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      Silver Level Partners

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      Power Meter City

      Your Power Meter Specialists

        At Power Meter City, we focus on ONE area and one area only: power meters. Unlike others, we don’t deal with other bike parts, clothing, nutrition, or anything else that can distract us from what we love – yes, power meters! Our comprehensive store includes detailed product listings with complete product specifications, power meter resources, videos, as well as our Power Central, where you can learn the ins-and-outs of power meters. Through our expertise, content and unique resources, our goal is to take the confusion out of power meters and make sure we find the right power meter for you!

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        PFC Nutrition

        Cutting Edge Nutritional Planning

          Performance Fitness Concepts has been a worldwide leader of nutritional counseling for the past 33 years. Within that time our client analysis has shown us that NONE of the popular “diet” programs have worked, in actuality these diets did more harm than good making them feel “broken” and inadequate. As a nation, we have been misled by faulty premises reported as weight-loss “science” in the media. The truth is: Each one of us is metabolically unique. Only when people eat and exercise for their own metabolisms will they see remarkable and permanent results in the areas of weight loss, energy levels, and overall health.

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          Precision Wheels for Serious Athletes

            Our goal is to provide extremely high quality products and services through careful quality control and parts selection. Every wheel, whether hand built by us or factory purchased goes through a rigorous measurement, inspection, and adjustment process. These procedures ensure that each wheel meets our exacting standards for radial and lateral runout, as well as maximum spoke tension and most importantly, tension uniformity. While this process consumes a considerable amount of time, we feel it is the only way to guarantee that your wheels are reliable and perform to their potential.

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            Bronze Level Partners

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            SoCal Serious Injury Lawyers

              CalBikeLaw has been representing injured cyclists in the South Bay and throughout California for more than 35 years. Our expertise in bike-car accidents stems from our experience in taking difficult injury cases to trial from areas including product liability, medical malpractice, car accidents, and a variety of other areas. That expertise is heightened with our own intimate familiarity with cycling as competitive amateur bike racers and enthusiastic cyclists. We handle numerous bike-car accidents each year and can help you get the compensation that you deserve.

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              Dave Fisher's

              The Best Gym in SoCal

                In a sport and world that is consumed and driven by technology and science, sometimes you just gotta get your hands dirty and grit it out!  That’s where Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym comes into play.  Any time I feel the need to crank the hard metal rock and roll and throw some iron around I head straight to Powerhouse.  I’m instantly taken back to the feeling of my developmental days lifting and working out with the winter training group stuck indoors from the cold and the snow where only the tough survived. Stop by and get that “Rocky-Up” feeling for yourself!

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                Simmons Racing

                Simply the Best

                  We do not compare our shoes to any other manufacturer or to their prices,  because we are not like them in any way. Our shoes are made for one purpose; Making You Faster. When you are racing you have to have the full package. On your bike everything has to be the very best. Your shoes are the first thing interface to transfers the power that you create with your body directly to your bikes mechanism.  But they are the most often overlooked element. We design based on how we think a shoe should work;  we don’t  just follow trends or copy what is out there already.

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                  Predator Cycling

                  Custom Carbon Bikes and Components

                    At Predator Cycling, we pride ourselves in putting rider first. Designing and manufacturing some of the best carbon fiber frames and components that money can buy. For over ten years we have specialized in cutting edge custom road, track, and time trial bike frames and components built by hand in Southern California.  But that’s not all, we are also a go-to source throughout the country for carbon repair, bike fits, and other specialized services for cyclists and bike shops alike. Unlock your performance potential. Ride Predator

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