Giordana Velodrome – Rock Hill, SC

Attention to detail is the name of the game at BIG Picture Cycling. And no single event highlights that greater than our track clinics. For 2023 we are changing up our normal clinic schedule and focusing on the two things we get asked for the most: Standing Starts & Sprint Sparring. Over these two highly focused days, our top BPC coaches and their knowledge to a velodrome near you. While mostly sprint focused, the skills covered and techniques taught have broad application to not only all of the track racing disciplines, but to all aspects of competitive cycling.

12247078_947493598679816_5415239978048758020_nAnyone can tell you what to do to improve your performance. But the BPC coaching staff believes that visual examples help our athletes to learn the fastest. That’s why during our track clinics we video tape and review nearly everything we do with all of our athletes. We have also found that doing group video review allows for the greatest depth of learning as you get to see, ask questions and receive instruction on not only your own efforts, but the efforts of everyone at the camp. We also offer the option to have your videos from the weekend edited together and sent to you to keep for an additional fee (see “Add Ons” tab)


Today is arrival day. Each athlete is responsible for building their own bike and ensuring that all their equipment is properly tuned and ready for a big weekend of riding. We will NOT being doing a pre-camp meeting/sign on this particular weekend. All of these things will be covered on Saturday. 



8:00am – Meet at velodrome and check in with coaches/complete any additional paperwork (athletes should come with bikes ready to go in warm up gear (~48×15) and be ready to change in to kit right after check-in)

9:00am – Equipment check and instructions for session

9:30am – Begin warm-up and session

  • Track Craft/Skills Warm-Up
  • Standing Starts with Video Review
  • Team Event Starts (if time allows)
  • Team Sprint Exchanges (if time allows)

1:00pm – End of clinic for the day & pass out bib numbers for Sunday.

*In the event of rain, the starts portion of the clinic will be run on the crit course nearby with video review*



8:30-9.30am – Check-in for Sunday only participants

9:00-9:50am – Open track warm up (athletes can warm up on rollers if they wish)

10:00am – Rider instructions for round robin sprint sparring

10:15am – First round of sprint sparring begins (and others immediately to follow)

~2:00pm – End of sprint sparring

*Saturday’s camp participants will be invited to a group zoom call to review the video footage of their match sprints from Sunday*

Giordana Velodrome

1000 Riverwalk Parkway

Rock Hill, SC 29730


The Giordana Velodrome is a 250m outdoor concrete velodrome with 42.5 degree banking in the corners. While regularly hosting national championship events, the velodrome also serves as a mild weathered training location for the non-summer months. Daily average temps in Early March range from the mid to upper 60’s for the highs with average lows keeping above 40. This provides great training conditions to get out and turn some laps while absorbing plenty of vitamin D. Add to that the length of the velodrome being the international standard of 250m, and you’ve got a perfect spring training camp location for breaking the ice of riding a 250m track!

SATURDAY/SUNDAY Combined option ($165)

  • 1 track craft & standing start hands-on track session led by BIG Picture Cycling Coaches
  • Entry in to Sunday’s round robin sprint sparring
  • World Class instruction from BPC staff on a variety of techniques and skills
  • Group video review of all training efforts by BPC coaches (for Saturday’s camp participants)
  • Nutrition and hydration supplies during training sessions

SUNDAY Sprint Sparring ONLY option ($35)

  • Entry in to Sunday’s round robin sprint sparring
    • Each rider will get 3 sprint sparring rides against their 3 closest competitors



Really enjoy the video review and on-site comments and feedback from the BPC coaches during the clinic? Well here’s your opportunity to take those images and thoughts home with you! For an additional fee, our BPC coaching staff will edit together your individual videos from the clinic and provide voice over feedback for you to watch and review again and again. This is the ultimate way to bring the BPC experience home with you! If you wish to add this to your package, just let us know during the camp reservation process! Pricing for this custom video is $100 with advanced purchase and $150 when purchased during or after camp.

Giordana Velodrome  
May 20-21, 2023
$165 for Saturday/Sunday -OR-  $35 for Sunday ONLY

Camp Details and Policies

  • In order to register for the camp, use the link via the “SIGNUP NOW” button. All registrations will be processed by BikeReg this year. 
  • Riders wishing to do both days of the camp should select the Saturday/Sunday category on BikeReg ONLY.
  • Riders wishing to do only the Sunday round robin sprint sparring day should select the Sunday category on BikeReg ONLY. (there is no option for Saturday only participation)
  • If a registered athlete is unable to attend the camp after the initial deposit has been made, the percentage of fee returned will be granted upon the following time line:
    • 30 days or more prior to start – 100% refund
    • 30-15 days prior to start – 50% refund
    • 14 days or less prior to start – no refund
  • Out of town athletes should plan to arrive no later than the afternoon of Friday May 19th.
  • If you are scheduling a bike fit with ERO you will need to arrive before noon or earlier (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS CAMP). 
  • All athletes should plan to depart in the afternoon or evening of Sunday May 21st.
  • We recommend using Charlotte Douglas International Aiport as it is the closest to the Giordana Veldorome (~23 miles)
  • All athletes are responsible for their own transportation from and to their airport/lodging
Housing is not included for this camp. All camp activities will take place at the velodrome. Athletes are advices to arrange their accommodations in as close of proximity to the velodrome as possible.
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