At Big Picture Cycling, we recognize the differences, both physiological and psychological, between men and women. Our coaches have done the research, and have all agreed, that the opportunity to coach female athletes not only makes them better, but also opens their eyes to possibilities often ignored that can better not only their female athletes, but male as well.

We understand that due to physiological means outside of our control, women typically measure shorter, weigh less, have lower amounts of muscle mass, higher body fat, and lower aerobic capacity due to smaller organs like heart and lungs. This is due to factors such as the hormone estrogen, and lower amounts of testosterone than a male. We also recognize that women are more prone to injuries, due to increased flexibility and loose joints. This along with many other factors, has lead us to develop the training plans that we use with all of our women, to maximize each individuals potential according to their individual bodies and needs. Yet, despite these physiological differences, we also recognize there is no glass ceiling when it comes to sport. Anything is possible, and we coach each athlete to reach their full potential, regardless of their gender.

Psychologically, we welcome the female athletes perspective. Women are problem solvers, and often look at the “big picture”. We have found that women are the best at recording their feedback, and are more connected with their bodies, helping our coaches modify training plans, often improving and overachieving their goals for the season. We recognize the need to know what you are doing, and why you are doing it. We are happy to explain, and welcome you to become more engaged with your training, and often find that in doing so, we get the most out of our athletes.