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The world of track cycling truly is the “Formula 1” of the cycling world. And just like F1, being on the cutting edge of technologies and training methods requires motivated, cutting edge and forward thinking leadership. A group of qualities that have been a defining trade mark of BIG Picture Cycling since it’s creation. The world of track cycling is ever changing. Let us help you keep up!


Every member of the BIG Picture Cycling coaching staff has a rich and highly decorated history in the world of track sprinting. Arguably one of the most intense of all the cycling disciplines, success in track sprinting requires you to take months and year of training to execute perfectly in 10 seconds or less, over and over and over! A task that our team has mastered over decades of combined track sprint training and racing. Join BIG Picture Cycling and let us help get you to the top of your sprinting game!


FACT: Track cycling is an anaerobic sport. Even the longest of World Championship medal events are, at their core, a series of short efforts above threshold power. Once this fundamental concept is properly understood, coaches and athletes can focus and train for endurance events on the track like never before imagined. This approach combined with our extreme attention to detail both on and off the track, is precisely why BIG Picture Cycling has been a part and even directed multiple USA Cycling team pursuit and endurance camps that have lead to World Cup and World Championship medals. As well as helping our own athletes shatter pursuit World Records and win World Titles. Let us share with you even more of what we do best!