Group / One-On-One Coaching


We realize that sometimes athletes don’t need our full time help with training daily training plans. We fully respect that you have a personal coach that you love working with. But not every coach is fully versed in a specific aspect of a discipline (i.e. track cycling). That’s where we come in. We offer a wide array of skills and techniques in some of the most niche area of the sport like standing starts, match sprinting, madison, flying 200’s and much more! Contact us at to discuss options for one-on-one or group sessions with our coaching staff to help polish your areas of opportunity to unleash your potential and reach levels not before possible!


Is most everyone in your cycling club working towards a common goal? Or are most of your training partners interested on improving a specific element of their skillset? Then let us help your club/team with our team coaching services. We can start by developing a custom training plan from start to event finish to best prepare every member of your team. We then also develop group efforts and activities so that workouts done together are more efficient and more fun! And finally, we cap it all off with as many coach lead training sessions as you and your group need in the lead up to your big event. Let us help get you and your team to the next level!


Our BPC coaches have a rich history competing in Collegiate cycling, including coaches Andy, Ben, and Missy. They are well versed in the demands of academics, while balancing a training program designed around upwards of five disciplines in eight months. Collegiate cycling offers a unique opportunity for its athletes while being students and cyclists at the same time.

While attending full time, you have the unique ability to race full seasons of track, mountain bike, cyclocross, road, and bmx. Collegiate offers the opportunity to experience and develop in these disciplines, while racing against amateur, professionals, and Olympic hopefuls, all at the same time. The development in skills, throughout participation has proven to develop some of the United States most talented and successful athletes, competition in multiple world championships and Olympic teams throughout the past years.

At Big Picture Cycling, we put a student’s education first, and cycling second, and promote the participation in collegiate sports with high regard. We encourage our athletes to strive to meet the requirements to be named an Academic All-Star through USA Cycling, meaning our athletes maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA for the semester of which the national event falls that they participate in. We also encourage our athletes to apply for the Stenner and Kuck Scholarships through USA Cycling, and any scholarship opportunities available for the sport of cycling, at the institution of their choosing.

We also encourage and enjoy every opportunity for our coaches to be involved with complete collegiate programs, whether its race day support, camps, or individual coaching. Balancing varying ability levels, while maximizing each athlete’s potential is one of our specialties.