This plan is for the athlete who needs full time, pro-level service and coach contact everyday. Athletes at this level need constant contact with the coach including coach presence for the execution of some workouts. This program is intended for athletes targeting World Championship and Olympic level competitions.


Along with the same individualized daily training program and daily feedback from the athlete and coach, the victory level coaching plan adds daily powerfile review as well as coach presence at key training sessions either on the road, track or in the gym. This gives the coach and athlete total transparency on every aspect of the training process assuring no stone is left unturned, ever.


Athletes and the coach are in constant contact and the exchange of feedback and powerfiles is constant. The coach may also attend key training sessions whenever necessary to assist in the execution and provide instant trackside feedback after each effort to accelerate the improvement curve.


Training plans at the podium level are shared between the coach and athlete via a Trainingpeaks premium account. At this level, the athlete will be required to have a powermeter on all training and racing bikes as well as a Garmin Edge 510/810 paried with a Bluetooth smartphone to make sure no workout data is ever late, missed or lost.


Pick this level of coaching if you need to be held even more accountable for every single training session every day along with elite level data tracking on and off the bike. The victory coaching level is meant for top level athletes who won’t settle for anything less than the top step of the podium.

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