This level intended for the 2 kinds of athletes.  The athlete looking for their “first” coach, but doesn’t want or need large amounts of hands on work.  Or the super experienced athlete who possesses all the knowledge and the tools to constantly track, evaluate and improve their current state of training and rate of progress without any oversight or tools from the coach.  This is a very “hands-off” style of program.


Every athlete gets a individualized training plan: No cookie cutter programs here! Every program includes a daily breakdown of every workout both on and off the bike. All plans are periodized and crafted to get the athlete exactly what they need to reach their goals without having the constant pressure of a coach on your back.


There is no area for daily feedback in the training log at the peloton level. The coach and athlete will communicate as much as necessary during the training block with a through recap near the end of each block in order to write the next block’s training. With this type of training plan it is essential that the athlete thoroughly communicate all scheduling needs before the training plan has been written.


Training plans at the peloton level are delivered to the athlete by either PDF or Google document 1x/block.


Pick this level of coaching if all you need is the daily instructions of the details you’ve been missing to help you reach the next level and don’t need constant contact from a coach. You are the type of person that does best when left to your own devices with a thorough set of instructions. Also great for athletes who are very new to the sport and want elite direction without the elite cost.

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