A dozen Master’s World Titles, nearly 20 Master’s World Championship medals and 7 Master’s World Records and counting. If you’re 35 and over, we know how to get you better than you’ve ever been. We have found that Masters athletes far too often underestimate their potential and abilities. At BPC we completely understand the physiological differences you are up against and know how to unlock your potential. We treat every athlete with the same level of respect and professionalism regardless of their age while at the same time developing their training programs to best suit their physiology. At BPC, our athletes are like fine wine: they only get better with age!


Having the “home track” advantage on race day is one of the greatest assets in an athlete’s arsenal. While you might not be able to relocate to an indoor 250m track full time, you can be a part of our many high-level track camps. These camps will be aimed at giving each athlete the elite level one-on-one coaching you’ve come to expect from BPC while also maximizing the athletes time and comfort adaptation to the a 250m velodrome. Topics covered will be:

  • Standing Starts (perfecting your timing with start gates)
  • Flying 200m Approaches and Entry Line
  • Match Sprint Tactics and Sparring
  • Individual and Team Pursuit Techniques
  • Team Sprint Starts and Exchanges

As well as the option to add on aero testing on track with the leader in velodrome aero testing: ERO Sports!