This plan is for all skill and experience level riders who desire more hands-on work with the coach through daily feedback and basic data collection.  Athletes will receive tools necessary to monitor essential factors directly related to increased performance on and off the bike and will have regular review of all elements with coach.


Along with the same individualized daily training program from the peloton level, the breakaway level program will now include daily feedback from the athlete to directly improve athlete communication with the coach. Breakaway also sees the introduction of ride/powerfile review by the coach.


Athletes leave feedback daily for the coach to review on a twice-monthly basis. This allows the coach to catch problems with an athletes training mid block and make schedule adjustments mid block for the athlete as well. Ride/powerfile review will be conducted at the end of the block prior to writing the next block’s training.


Training plans at the breakaway level are shared between the coach and athlete to the athlete by Google document or an Trainingpeaks basic account.


Pick this level of coaching if all you need to be held accountable for your training on a more than monthly basis and data tracking is important to your increased performance. Powermeters are not required at this level but are strongly encouraged. The breakaway coaching level is prefect if having a coach check up and keep your training current is what you need to get to the next level.

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