Giddeon believes at the core of any good coaching and programing philosophy, is the ability for an athlete to find the enjoyment in what they’re doing. Although competing at the elite level and on the world stage was his focus for nearly two decades, he understood that it was a choice. With any well thought out choice, it’s important to determine what your goals are and what it will take to achieve them. If it’s worth achieving it will require accountability, determination, and followthrough, while remembering why you began down that path. After all, a goal without a plan is only a wish. 
At the age of nine, Giddeon discovered the thrill of bike riding/racing and quickly set goals that would give him further direction and purpose. He’s been under the tutelage of some of the worlds most regarded U.S. and international coaches throughout his career. Along the way, there would be many challenges, but it was that journey that would help shape his work ethic and ultimately, make the successes even more rewarding. With more than 20 U.S. Elite National Titles, Pan American Games Gold and Silver Medals, and two Olympic Teams under his belt to list only a few accomplishments, Giddeon brings a humble, hands on approach that encourages BPC athletes to remember why they first began cycling and remind them of where they hope to go. Whatever your age, and no matter where your aspirations lie, Giddeon has the experience and detail oriented approach that BPC prides itself on, to challenge you, help you determine your goals, and/or guide you toward those goals. 
When he’s not coaching, Giddeon is heavily involved in the community via youth outreach programs ranging from elementary to high school age students, throughout the U.S. He is also active in a variety of service oriented non-profit projects both inside and outside the U.S., utilizing his Olympic platform to give back. 
Giddeon credits his Mom and Dad for setting him down the cycling path and instilling in him the values he maintains today.