Spring Training Road Camp


The clocks have changed and spring is knocking on our door but the weather every where in the country isn’t quite perfect yet. Or even if you have perfect weather this time of year where you live, perhaps you’re looking to elevate your final spring training block to make 2017 your best season yet. Either way, this is the training camp for you! The objective of this camp is time in the saddle at endurance pace to boost your base fitness while mixing in some varying terrain on some of the best back roads the east coast has to offer!

The camp will consist of 5 days of BPC coach lead group riding with follow car support. With strong athlete to coach ratios, every athlete is guaranteed the attention to detail you’ve come to expect from BPC. Wether it’s on ride tips and pointers to be more comfortable and efficient in a group, or through post ride power file review, we’ve got you covered!


Today is arrival day. Out of town athletes should plan to arrive by 3pm if possible. Each athlete is responsible for building their own bike and ensuring that all their equipment is properly tuned and ready for a big week of riding. We will have our first pre-camp meeting around 5pm at our housing for the camp and will complete the sign in/registration process. This is also when we will do individual introductions, general camp overview and plan for the week. Once complete we will have a farm fresh, family style dinner before turning in for the night. **If you want to schedule a bike fit with ERO, you must arrive early on this day and schedule ahead of time with ERO directly at www.ero-sports.com**



The first day of riding is intended as a “cobweb-cleanout” for those athletes who have been trapped indoors for a few months and will serve as a calibration ride for the group. Today we will ride approximately 40 miles through the local rolling terrain around Concord so everyone can get acclimated to the abundant sun and new surroundings. At the end of the ride we will do a group recap over lunch and discuss the plan for tomorrow’s ride. This afternoon will be a great time to sit down with a BPC coach one on one to review your power data if you wish or any other questions you might have. We will have a farm fresh, family style dinner before turning in for the night.



Day 2 of riding will see us punch in ~60 miles. This will be our first chance to test our efficiency at endurance pace as a group as we build to the longer rides in the coming days. At the end of the ride we will do a group recap over lunch and discuss the plan for tomorrow’s ride. This afternoon will be a great time to sit down with a BPC coach one on one to review your power data if you wish or any other questions you might have. We will have a farm fresh, family style dinner before turning in for the night.



For today’s ride we will start to stretch the legs and head out for a cool ~75 miles with slightly more varying terrain than the previous days. Our big focus today will be timely and proactive feeding patterns in preparation for our biggest day of the week tomorrow. A quick snack will be provided at the completion of the ride because we re-group for an farm fresh, family style dinner before turning in for the night in preparation for a big early day tomorrow.



Today’s the BIG day! Expect an early start as we will roll out before 8am today in order to conquer the full 90 miles planned for this ride. Today will showcase everything we have learned thus far in the camp as you experience 90 miles of riding stronger than you every felt possible for this early in the year! This will also be the day with the most challenging terrain throwing in some local climbs on offer. Once complete we will have a special celebratory dinner tonight as we roll into the final day of the camp.



This is our “cherry on top” day with a easy 30 mile spin to flush the week out of your legs before traveling home. Immediately following the ride we will have our final lunch at our housing as we do a quick recap for the week and begin our travel home. BPC coaches will be available for a final individual recap of the week for power file review and to answer any questions. The camp will conclude by 2pm at the latest and athletes have the afternoon to themselves or can begin their travel home.

Concord, NC is a sleepy suburb of the greater Charlotte area. Yet it’s still close enough to provide easy access to great riding from a major metro area. The back roads of this rural area truly are a hidden gem of east coast riding discovered almost by coach Andy almost by accident in 2015. Great riding combined with the mild temperatures this time of year will make Concord a place you want to come back to year after year! In late March the average highs are in the upper 60’s with lows staying above 40. This means every daylight hour provides near perfect conditions to get out and log some much needed miles while absorbing plenty of vitamin D. All of this makes for the perfect combination to kick your season in to high gear from the start! 

We will be staying and base out of a family owned modern day working farm. We will wake up to fresh-that-morning eggs every morning and finish off every night with a delicious naturally sourced and home cooked meal just steps away from our sleeping quarters. Add to this the rustic yet modern setting with the camaraderie of a “team training camp” type atmosphere, and you’ve got a once in a lifetime pro experience waiting for you! All in addition to leaving you with fitness that will last in to the season, training skills for your career and memories that will last a lifetime. 

  • Daily training rides and on the bike coaching with BIG Picture Cycling Coaches
  • Accommodations at The Lodge (Concord, NC) for the duration of the camp
  • 3 meals a day from dinner Sunday night through lunch on Friday
  • Fully supported rides with nutrition and hydration needs supplied
  • Post ride recap and training data review by BPC coaches
  • One-on-One meetings with BPC coaches to make the most of your camp and your season
  • Bike cleaning and adjustments as needed throughout camp
  • Transportation to and from the airport 

All ERO bike fit appointments must be scheduled ahead of time with Missy at ERO directly. You can do this via their website at www.ero-sports.com or by emailing Missy at: missy@ero-sports.com



The conclusion of this road camp on Friday also marks the beginning of our weekend track clinic at the Giordana Velodrome in nearby Rock Hill, SC. If you are interested in this camp and wanted to sign up for both, we do offer a discounted rate for package deals. Please email us at info@bigpicturecycling.com for more details.

Concord, NC
March 27-31, 2017
$650/person -OR- $450/full time BPC athletes

Camp Details and Policies

  • In order to register for the camp, input your name and email in the box above and click “SIGNUP NOW”. Once we receive your sign up request, a member of the BPC staff will contact with the details to complete your registration and confirm your spot.
  • Upon registering for a camp, the athlete will be charged a 50% deposit of the balance due for the camp. The remaining 50% of the balance will be due 10 days prior to the start of the camp.
  • If an athlete signs up for a camp 10 days or less prior to the camp, 100% of the balance will be due upon sign up.

  • If a registered athlete is unable to attend the camp after the initial deposit has been made, the percentage of fee returned will be granted upon the following time line:
    • 30 days or more prior to start – 100% refund
    • 21-29 days prior to start – 75% refund
    • 14-20 days prior to start – 50% refund
    • 8-13 days prior to start – 25% refund
    • 7 days of less prior to start – no refund
  • Out of town athletes should plan to arrive no later than the afternoon of Sunday March 26th.
  • If you are scheduling a bike fit with ERO you will need to arrive before noon or earlier. 
  • All athletes should plan to depart in the afternoon or evening of Friday March 31st.
  • Athletes will need to use Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) as it is the closest to our housing (~37 miles)
  • Wherever possible, please book flights that arrive closest to, but not after, 3pm on Sunday for transport from the airport.

1525 Flowerfield Drive

Concord, NC 28025


This charming and beautiful, family owned modern working farm will be our home for the duration of the camp. Nestled back in the quite of the surrounding woods and nature, this rural destination is truly unique. 

Please send all bikes directly to The Lodge via the address below. All bikes being shipped ahead of time should arrive no later than Friday March 24th to ensure arrival for the start of camp.



1525 Flowerfield Drive

Concord, NC 28025

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